Dogme Business English

I have been trying out and developing Dogme ideas for several years. This is the final result of how I use Dogme with Business English clients. 

This book includes ideas for implementing a Dogme approach with Business clients and includes 2 sample lessons I have done.

It is aimed at giving you ideas and inspiration for expanding your own style into new areas.

-I did not invent Dogme and I am not an expert. This book is my own version I have developed. I hope it is interesting for you.-

Click here for the PDF.

The ePub is here.

You can open it as an iBook on an iOS device.


  1. Short, sweet, and practical! Thanks for creating and sharing!

  2. Cheers, Eric! That was exactly my aim. I have always wanted to read such books but never found any. I think many people are like me in that they want quick reads with ideas and things they can use straight after reading. I am finishing off the 5th book now.